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Happy Birthday to Dad…a bag decorated with stickers

The down hill slide to 30, or happy new year

With the first day of 2015 sliding into the back pocket, I acknowledge the fact that I will hit the ripe old age of 30 this year. It’s a bit odd to be entering a landmark age…I consider the ages with 0’s at the end the strangest because I feel at home with those that end in five (I was born in ’85 after all).

When I was 10, I received a Mickey Mouse coin ring for my birthday that I still wear on my pinky finger from time to time, and on my 20th birthday, I was newly married and had a hot fudge sundae and called it a day. It’s a bit fun to sit here and think about what I will be doing on my 30th this year because I feel like the future is so open and ripe with possibilities with a touch of sadness on the side.

Ashley Mott Happy New Year 2015

The New Year knew this and decided to roll in as a grey day with a bit of drizzle, then a bit of rain and a bit of thunder and lightning as my husband and I enjoyed Season 3 of Sgt. Bilko and I played with my new Erin Condren planner. A grey start to a year is promising because the year has so far to rise….what is there to do beyond a beautiful blue day? A grey day is one you have to rise above and one that the year must see past.

In honor of that mindset, I did a few things today: Continue Reading…

Where I live

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Quaaludes, because we all love a good typo

This evening on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart presented a segment on sexism in the Senate and the body comments Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was subjected to as her body weight fluctuated during pregnancy and at other times.

The segment was brilliant and the disturbing factor was greatly amplified by the commentary Stewart shared that featured a panel of women at FOX News discussing how, basically, they enjoy being subjected to inappropriate comments.

However, one stone was left unturned when the following clip  appeared on the screen — from MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports — without the tackling of the word “lewd” versus “lude.”

lude behavior Quaalude

I have been a reporter outside of the hurried web (where I have scores of typos) for several months now and have tried to refrain from criticizing the typos of others because …. let he who is without typos cast the first ….key?  However, this one is too good to pass up.

By misspelling the word “lewd” as “lude,” we have a story within a story…a nesting doll of subtext. What we have here is a story about sexism in the workplace featuring a headline with a street reference to Quaaludes, which Merriam Webster defines as a proprietary name for methaqualone – a downer. While I would consider sexism in the workplace a downer behavior, I don’t think that is what MSNBC was trying to convey here….or maybe they were.

I love a good undertone.

Snark outside, you should watch the report on MSNBC, because the actual story is an important commentary on how women — no matter how far they rise — are still treated as objects by many of their contemporaries.

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