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The Dress: Screw Science, Is It Selling?

The white gold or blue black dress internet phenom


The Dress. It has cultivated a Sherlock Holmes esque “The Woman” quality in a short-lived time period in the world of relevant internet questions that have little import on our day-to-day lives. The dress is notorious, and not for the reasons it should be — it’s kind of pukey and should be the beginning step in a Project Runway tear down and makeover of a garment….I want to see duck tape and paper clips, stat.

At this point in the unfolding drama of the original Tumblr post by Swiked — the point where major news websites are now covering both the original post and the surrounding turmoil like its a normal unfolding news story on par with genocide, police killings or child abductions — I’m just wondering if the dress is selling.

The dress looks like something JCPenney would have highlighted in the mature woman section of their catalogues back in the 1980s and 1990s….something a matriarch could wear to a wedding or church if they felt like showing off their gams or gave up on finding anything semi-nice looking in a longer style or pantsuit.

This garment has basically received as much buzz as Kate Middleton’s stunning blue Reiss dress that she wore during her and Prince William’s engagement announcement. That dress didn’t break the internet, it broke Reiss’ website and sold out faster than a finger snap as did a large quantity of similar garments. Has this dress been located? Has it caused a marketing frenzy yet for any place beyond the world of recycling web content.

I say this facetiously, but I also want to know. I love seeing comprehensive breakdowns of the monetary cash-in on web phenomena — I’m looking at you 3-D left shark. Maybe I can root something out this weekend, but I expect the big boys are already tracking this one down.

Snow in Northeast Louisiana: the difference 1,000 miles makes

Snow fall in East DubuqueI lived in the extreme northwestern corner of Illinois for seven years, in LaCrosse, Wisconsin for one year and have lived in Louisiana for a cumulative 21 years. In those years, I have seen regular floods, flash floods, 10.6 inches of snow in 24 hours and tornadoes. I say all of that not necessarily as a qualification but merely as an introduction to how incredibly majestic, beautiful and terrible weather is and how strange it is that, for many, the perception of it can change so greatly in a relatively short period of time based on geographic location.

In my eight years up north, snow fell and my husband and I went about our business as best as possible. It wasn’t a freak out event — even that 10.6 inches in 24 hours…which was actually closer to 14 within 36 hours. We are in Northeast Louisiana now and approximately 3.5 inches of snow fell. It was a freak out event. Not necessarily for me because I am a pretty middle-of-the-road person personality wise….(I only freak out when people send me text messages that just say “Call me”). And not necessarily for my husband, except when it came time for me to go to work at the newspaper on Tuesday, when there was ice.

Snow in East DubuqueI’m still not sure what happened. I may not have responded to the idea of ice on the concrete drive in our cul-de-sac blocking my route out to the thawed highway with enough despondence, but he went into “ice is not your friend mode.” There was a lot of talk about shifting to neutral, not braking and historical driving periods. Maybe next time I just will not respond with a cheerful, “I’ll just wait until it melts to go to work.” I mean I didn’t leave eight years of critical winter thinking skills at the door.

However, I will say this for myself. I was a kid in a candy store when it snowed on Wednesday. I drove around Bastrop and saw my home parish through new eyes…the stately courthouse…the beautiful downtown…our impressive museum. Everything was so stunning through the filter a blanket of snow provided. I had saw snow in new places, new lands, but never outside of my front yard here at home. It was a gift, and not one that I ever appreciated beyond the weather aspect of it all in Illinois or Wisconsin.

One thousand miles and snow is a different, beautiful thing to me. I’m susceptible too. What a difference a day makes. What a difference 1,000 miles makes.

A Church in the Snow in Morehouse Parish

Erin Condren and customer service: good experiences here

Because I felt like it would be a bit too much for the one out of 10 Facebook readers who actually click the “Read More” buttons to read a 600-plus word missive on my thoughts on ErinCondren.com’s customer service and shipping options, I decided to post it here…partly out of courtesy and partly because I really don’t want to have to deal with a Facebook notification saying “yeah, but…” tonight.

Enjoy my favorable rant in its entirety, world:

I have made several orders at ErinCondren.com since early December, and I had problems with two. My planner didn’t come with the perpetual calendar booklet insert and my New Year’s kit didn’t have the pen loop. I emailed about the perpetual calendar using the “report an error” option on the order details page for that exact order and item. I had a perpetual calendar shipped to me in a FedEx envelope. I wasn’t concerned about the pen loop and never bothered making contact.

My friend Meghan also ordered a New Year’s bundle in a larger order and didn’t get the bundle at all. She contacted EC and was sent the bundle with a shipping upgrade but was offered the opportunity to receive credit as an option.

We were both contacted with a very quick turnaround. I’m relatively sure mine was less than 24 hours the week of or immediately following New Year’s Day. Continue Reading…

We all sometimes need a motivational thought

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