Just want to talk about hubris today

I had a ‘J’ word picked out, but, you know, whims. I really want to talk about hubris today.

Hubris: excessive self-confidence or arrogance. 

You see a lot of it in life, and I believe it runs parallel with nosiness. People who believe they have the innate right to know something about your life also have the arrogance to offer input when none is necessary. The hubris.

Drop the mic.

Igloos and iPads: strange brand names and things

“I” is seemingly a difficult letter for me to come up with words I want to write about for without diving into insults such as idiots and ignorant people. I treat the A to Z challenge blogging letters like word association prompts and tend to use the first word to come to my mind and then let my thoughts meander onward from there.

For ‘I’ on my blogging calendar I wrote down “igloos.” Igloo is kind of a funny word because an igloo is actually a house made out of cold material that helps keep inhabitants warm while an igloo cooler is most predominant used to keep things cold. I get the insulation connection, but still…

The other thing is iPads. I love my iPad and can use it for days at a time for some tasks without issue, but it is the idiosyncrasies that get you…speaking of…that would have been a good “I” word….For example, I can’t grab text out of grab boxes of code. It only highlights the beginning of the text versus the whole line, at least in the boxes I have tried to use.

These things aren’t standalones yet, and that is why my older HP laptop will be a constant companion for a while longer.

Help! and the Beatles

I had an improper introduction to the Beatles. It all started in fifth grade, when the lyrics from the song “Help!” appeared in our literature book as an example of how song lyrics are actually poetry.

In written form, to a ten-year old, the Help! lyrics seemed a bit basic. I also still don’t really care for that song in particular. I don’t hate it, but it isn’t my favorite Beatles tune.

I really started to like the Beatles at some point after I first heard the song “Across the Universe” on a movie or television show…it may have even been Fiona Apple’s version on Pleasantville, but I quickly found the Beatles and I’ve loved that song ever since.

The older Beatles are where I live. They soothe me, they make me think, they were the game changers. The Beatles rocked America when they came on over the Ed Sullivan show, but they changed it forever in their last years.

Saluting the GIF after a dozen years on the web

I avoided using the “.” in my title in case it would cause SEO heartaches, but I did want to focus on the .gif file in my G post for the A to Z blogging challenge.

When I first started haunting the back alleys of the web in 2003, I frequented lots of forum based websites were avatars, typically not of the personal photo variety at the time, were your visual representation online. Most of them were ordinary images, however, some of the more spiffy forum frequenters would have simple .gif avatars that were stock photos but with a sparkly addition…sometimes literally. For example, it would be a stock avatar with a brief twinkling “star” or sequin in a corner of the photo.

Intrigued by this, I learned how to create a .gif at the time, but ended up feeling like it was too much hassle for very little payoff in the forum business.

Enter 2012.

I feel like this was the year that I really started seeing more and more .gifs that were snarky, sweet, or expressive. I’m sure that they took off for the cool kids before then. I was never much of a tumblr, and I know that it is the great playground for these forms and that places like Buzzfeed have turned into mass dissemenators of these tidbits.

In looking into my posts for today, I did actually find out something interesting. It seems that many of the .gifs one sees out and about now aren’t .gifs in their original format. Instead, they are new variations that are basically micro videos (like Vine for Vine). I think they are awesome, but I’m also kind of glad to know that I didn’t miss out on an opportunity to start a new trend back in 2003 when I was virtually bedazzling avatars.

To read more about the .gif format, click here.

To see some examples of .gifs, click here.

Fading to black and wax on, wax off

When you fade to black in a video, you let one scene gradually move to nothingness before the next scene starts. For many the motion is virtually imperceptible…in fact, the fade isn’t even employed as much as it once was…but it remains an excellent place to find peace in life.

We all enjoy milestones; we all have bad times; and we all have triumphs. Fading to black in life requires stopping, recognizing that a moment is significant, and then sitting back for a moment, a day, a week and processing what just happened and where to go from here…reconfiguring your life.

If you enjoyed a milestone, like a big birthday….considering taking a weekend trip to a peaceful location or spending a quiet weekend at home engaging in the day-to-day tasks where you have time to contemplate….waxing a car, playing spider solitaire, driving through the countryside. If I couldn’t go for the odd cruise around from time-to-time, I’m not sure that I would ever be totally alone with my thoughts and just work through confusion or appreciate the steps I have taken forward.

Bad times should be treated basically the same way, though I often try to assess what is happening through a more critical lens is necessary. Was this dark day brought to my door through my own actions? If so, I try to think about how to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Triumphs…getting a promotion, a raise, a proposal….they require a more action-oriented reflection….while your waxing that car think about the things you are going to do to prove why you deserved what you have received and why you will, eventually, deserve more from your career or succeed in your relationship.

The fade out to black….it’s generally accompanied by a fade in…be on the right track when the lights come back up.

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